A new loft conversion? This very often overlooked space is perfect for extending your family home

loftThis is probably the most popular choice when looking to extend your living space. Extra bedrooms for a growing family, or looking to buy a new home to accommodate, is the choice that many face at some point.

Loft conversions are very often the simple solution. This relatively unused space can be adapted to accommodate some amazing new space for the growing family, and we have been commissioned many times in the past to build loft conversions that not only accommodate 1 or 2 new bedrooms but en suite bathroom facilities as well.

A loft conversion requires careful planning and execution to maximise the space available, notwithstanding the location of the stairs to access the loft and how to build a staircase that minimises the usage of space to provide that access.

The team at IDM enjoy this part of our work, as we are not just creating fabulous new bedrooms, we are also planning how we can maximise the space available – it takes a lot of imagination and craft to get the best results.

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