Do you need extra space? We can help you expand your home and create a perfect living environment

extensionAt IDM we do not focus on huge extensions, our area of expertise is looking at extensions that will provide additional space for kitchens and living accommodation.

Many homes built in the middle of the last century were not built to house a large kitchen but do have the appropriate land or layout to accommodate an extension to the kitchen. We have been able to provide many of these extensions, and very often this is combined with knocking down internal walls to create a more open plan environment to the kitchen and dining area.

This takes great visioning to see how to create a more airy environment but also allow for the existing structure and utilities coming into the house. You will be amazed at what can be achieved in seemingly the smallest of houses.

Although we are not planning experts we can advise and guide you in regards to planning and recommend you to our partners who deal with local authorities where planning consent or building regulations apply. Talk to us today for a free consultation!

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