If you are looking for a new bedroom, let us help you design, plan and create it for you

bedroom-readOften, the bedroom is a room that is overlooked and the last on the list when refurbishing your home. However, we have noticed in recent years that people are spending a great deal more time and consideration over the design, fixtures and fittings of their bedrooms.

Space again can be a premium, and making sure you have innovative storage solutions is something we excel at. The bedroom itself has expanded into more of a living space for many, with additional areas for entertainment and relaxing, as well as the obvious requirements of a comfortable bed, wardrobe space and sumptuous floor coverings.

We have produced some great bedrooms over the years, with comments from our customers stating "I didn’t ever imagine our bedroom could look as good as this." We put that down to our interior design capabilities in providing a unique space for people to not only sleep but also want to spend more time in.

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